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Nordkyn offers authentic restaurants and
rustic or modern living

The Arctic Lifestyle

Fresh fish delivered straight from the boat. Reindeer meat in front of an open fire. And Nordkyn even has great hot dogs!


Fast food and cafés

The Northernmost Bakery in the world;  Otto Jenssen bakery in Mehamn, serves fresh baked pastries, sandwiches and bread.                  Mix Johannes Nilsens Handleri serves burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. 

Gamvik Handel (grocery store) has a cosy coffeshop with pastry, donuts and coffee, and even more important; the locals!

Slettnes Lighthouse does not provide summer-cafè in 2022 due to renovation. 

In Kjøllefjord, there are three Cafès; Hotel Nordkyn serves sandwiches, salads and local food​​​.  Nordkyn Vekst serves fresh sandwiches, salads and cakes. Mix Mossakiosken serves burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and waffles.

In Laksefjord you find coffeeshops with waffles and cakes in the grocery-stores in Kunes and at Bøgeberg Landhandel in Lebesby.    At Ifjord Arctic Cafè they serve cakes, pastry, sandwiches, burgers and more. 




Hotel Nordkyn in Kjøllefjord offers newly renovated rooms, meeting room and restaurant. Hostel rooms also available.

Mehamn Arctic Hotel has a selection of comfortable rooms near the airport. It also features a restaurant and nightclub.

Slettnes Lighthouse provides room and board in the summer season.

Foldalbruket - accomodation with historical touch in Kjøllefjord


Nordic Safari provides ocean-view camping site with access to good servicefacilities. 

Cabins and guesthouses

Davvi Siida lets you experience Sámi culture and cuisine while staying in a cabin or lavvu (Sámi tent).

At Nordic Safari you can stay at waterfront cottages in Mehamn, which can also be combined with fishing tours.

The Nissehuset Christmas Museum in Mehamn offer high standard accommodation in authentic fisherman's cottage surroundings, with a pub as well as spa with sauna and jacuzzi. 

Langfjordnes Guest Ranch offers a unique Fifties experience in beautiful and remote surroundings.