Staying warm on Nordkyn


Hotel Nordkyn in Kjøllefjord offers newly renovated rooms, meeting room, pub and restaurant. Hostel rooms are also available.

Mehamn Arctic Hotel has a selection of comfortable rooms near the airport. It also features a restaurant and nightclub.

Local cuisine

Many of the accommodations listed here also offer local foods and signature dishes. See Taste of Nordkyn for more information.

Cabins and Guest Houses

Davvi Siida provides comfortable lodges and Sámi culture and culinary experiences.

Nordic Safari has modern, fully equipped fishing huts and a hostel with simple rooms and shared kitchen/baths.

Oace Ifjord has rooms and cabins in addition to a restaurant, rest stop and fuel.

Nissehuset Christmas Museum has a selection of twin rooms in authentic surroundings, in addition to pub, restaurant, sauna and jacuzzi.

Gamvik Brakkebo has single and double rooms, kitchen and laundry facilities.

Hotel Nordkyn also has a Guest House with kitchen and laundry facilities.

Slettnes Lighthouse has rooms in a traditional setting with shared kitchens and baths.

Foldalbruket has rooms in an authentic fish depot with shared kitchens and baths.