Slettnes Lighthouse

The world's northernmost mainland lighthouse

Historic Views

Situated on a vast coastal plain between the Barents Sea and the Nordkyn mountains, Slettnes is a fascinating place to visit for people who enjoy majestic natural scenery, birds and wildlife, history and the brute forces of nature. 

Slettnes Lighthouse is located near the village of Gamvik in Finnmark, Norway. It was built in the early 20th century, destroyed in 1944 and rebuilt in 1945-48. The visitors' services operate from mid-June to mid-August. At other times of the year, the lighthouse is open to groups who have made an appointment in advance.

Reindeer Soup

As part of the Taste of Nordkyn experience, Slettnes Lighthouse serves a delicious reindeer soup with good bread in a cosy café with a majestic view of the Barents Sea. 


Live next door to the lighthouse in the style of old time watchkeepers!

The facilities at Slettnes Lighthouse have eleven rooms for rent. We offer a cosy atmosphere with excellent beds and furnishings. Both buildings have shared kitchens and bathrooms just like in the old days at the lighthouse. Although it has Wi-Fi, the place is likely to make you want to sit at the window with binoculars instead of using the phone. 

The lighthouse has been a cultural monument since 1998, in the middle of the RAMSAR-classified Slettnes nature reserve. From the top of the lighthouse, visitors are offered spectacular views of the endless sea and the harsh but beautiful natural environment. Slettnes Lighthouse is owned by the Norwegian Coastal Administration and is operated in collaboration with Gamvik Museum.

Contact info


Phone:  +47 48 16 14 99