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Davvi Siida Reindeer Design Lodge

Idjadit bartas overnight stay in lodges

Sleep close to nature in comfortable lodges in the summer pasture of the reindeer, Čorgaš! Our lodges offer more than a bed – they offer an experience of nature and insight into the life of reindeer herding. You'll find signs of our culture and the reindeer everywhere, sometimes more subtle.

We have two excellent lodges, fully equipped with electricity, private bathrooms and toilets. The lodges are tastefully furnished with Sami interior and design and have a complete set of kitchen tools. 

If you want to explore the top of Europe and everything this area has to offer, our lodges are the best place to start. Breakfast and good stories are served in our magnificent building Jordgammen and are included in your stay.

Smoked Reindeer

As part of the Taste of Nordkyn experience, Davvi Siida serves smoked reindeer prepared over an open fire. This is not only a fantastic meal – it’s a deep dive into Sami culture and history.

Áivan The Sami Feast

Enjoy the delicacies of nature over open fire!

If you have smelled the scent of reindeer meat being prepared over a crackling bonfire, you know it’s irresistible. But have you ever considered that it’s through our less dominant senses we best understand and connect to the places we visit? That’s why the taste of reindeer is vital for experiencing Sápmi.

If you’d like to be a guest in our lives and step into our cultural heritage, we invite you to take part in a delicious feast in our magnificent jordgamme (peat hut)! Enjoy fresh, dried, and smoked reindeer meat and other delicacies over open fire. 

Welcome to our story!

In this adventure, you are our guests where we live in the summer half of the year when our reindeer grazes along the coast. Together with our guests, we prepare parts of the meal over an open bonfire in the peat hut. During the meal, you will experience our culture, lifestyle, and traditions related to food and Sami history.

We offer an outstanding atmosphere that creates a memorable dining experience. We heartily welcome you  in large or small groups – but please make a reservation first. 

Duodji Arts and Crafts

Duodji is more than craftsmanship, it’s a cultural carrier. The technique, patterns, shapes, and colours are part of our cultural heritage. At Davvi Siida, we take responsibility for maintaining and promoting this heritage. The design of the wool blankets is inspired by traditional Sami patterns that preserve our Sami traditions and convey our history. 

You will find exquisite products from diverse producers in our small craft shop in the jordgamme by Finngammvannet. Perhaps dried reindeer meat tempts you to visit?

Contact information

Location: Platten, 8km south of Kjøllefjord on Route 888

Website: www.davvisiida.no

Phone: +47 947 99 864