Nature's Pantry

Far to the North, the breathtaking natural environment of Nordkyn provides one of the world's greatest buffets. The sea and mountain lakes are full of fish, while reindeer graze on the hills and tundras among abundant wildlife, birds, berries and herbs.

Taste of Nordkyn

Members of Visit Nordkyn offer a variety of locally sourced gourmet dishes using prime ingredients. Look for the Taste of Nordkyn banner across this website to find signature dishes around your place or topic of interest.

Local ingredients

Our food is a celebration of the high-quality ingredients that we harvest from the mountains or the sea. King crab, codfish, halibut, reindeer and lamb are common primary ingredients. These are complemented by desserts and accompaniments based on cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries and local dairy products. 

The Signature Dishes

Our partners serve signature dishes using local ingredients - some using traditional methods, others inspired by modern techniques and exotic spices. Get a real Taste of Nordkyn at the establishments below:

1. Oace

Oace serves a Creamy Casserole of sliced reindeer accompanied by fresh vegetables and local lingonberries. It is a cosy diner with views towards the beautiful Ifjord River. Located in Ifjord, it is a natural rest stop when driving – whether you’re going north, south, east or west. 

2. Davvi Siida

Davvi Siida serves Smoked Reindeer, prepared over an open fire. This is not only a fantastic meal – it’s a deep dive into Sami culture and history. While sitting around the bonfire, the Utsi family will give you an experience of a lifetime! 


3. Dyfjordbua

Dyfjordbua serves its very own version of local King Crab with an Asian touch. This cosy maritime café and diner can be found in the small fishing village of Dyfjord.

4. Hotel Nordkyn

Hotel Nordkyn serves their very own version of traditional Boknafish: codfish that has been semi-dried for a few weeks in the late wintertime, on traditional racks in the fresh ocean air. It is served in the hotel restaurant with a fantastic view towards the fjord.

5. Foldalbruket

Foldalbruket serves a delicious Fish Soup in a cosy café with fish factory surroundings at the dock.

6. Nissehuset Christmas Museum

Nissehuset serves Bidos, a traditional reindeer stew with delicious bread, in its pleasant dockside pub.

7. Mehamn Arctic Hotel

Mehamn Arctic Hotel serves Fried Cod Tongues with fresh vegetables and remoulade sauce in the hotel bistro, with a nice view towards the village centre and the fjord. 

8. Nordkyn Nordic Safari

Nordkyn Nordic Safari serves Skin Fried Cod Filet with fresh vegetables in its seafood restaurant, with a great view towards the harbour. Be aware that you need to pre- book your seafood meal – you can find contact information, opening hours and more here:

9. Slettnes Lighthouse

Slettnes Lighthouse serves a delicious Reindeer Soup with excellent bread in a quaint café, right next to the northernmost lighthouse in the world. See contact information, opening hours and more here: