Fresh seafood straight from the sea

A restaurant with a long history

As one of the oldest buildings in Dyfjord, Dyfjordbua has been a central meeting spot since 1946! The venue is newly renovated and is located in the middle of the town, only meters away from the dock where fresh fish, shrimp and crabs from the Laksefjord are landed. It’s a cozy meeting spot in maritime surroundings with delicious dishes, a bar, and a café. 

King Crab

As part of the Taste of Nordkyn experience, Dyfjordbua serves its very own version of local king crab with an Asian twist. They also have excellent whale, shrimp, and hamburgers with fries.

Contact Info

Address: Tørrfiskveien 18, 9782 Dyfjord, Norway
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Phone: +47 90 28 36 74
E-mail: dyfjordbua@lyderfisk.no