Gamvik Brakkebo

Affordable living with ocean views


Enjoy affordable rooms at Brakkebo, with the Barents Sea at your closest neighbor!

Gamvik Brakkebo has 11 rooms in total, out of which six have a view of the sea.

We have five single rooms and five twin rooms where two rooms have two single beds, and three rooms have 120cm beds. All rooms have private bathrooms. 

In addition, we also have a single room with a shared shower and bathroom in the common area.


At Gamvik Brakkebo you can cook your meals in our two fully equipped kitchens.

You can relax and watch TV or read a book in our common rooms with sofa groups. 

As our guest, you have access to free WiFi and the option of renting a washing machine and dryer.

Welcome to Gamvik Brakkebo!

Contact information

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Phone: +47 47702958

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