Dining outside

Meet the Locals

Hangouts and meeting spots


The Pub is a cosy "brown" pub on the basement floor at Hotel Nordkyn, with billiards, boardgames, good drinks and a selection of snacks and appetizers. It's a natural gathering place with a stage and dance floor, and often features DJ and live music.

Nordkyn Vekst Café serves hot and cold drinks, salads, sandwiches and pastries.

Mix Mossakiosken serves hot and cold drinks, hot meals, sandwiches, pastries, milkshakes and ice cream - to go or eat inside.


"Santa's Pub" at Nissehuset Christmas Museum has dockside service on pleasant summer days. It serves pizza, bidos and a large selection of drinks. On weekends there are often a quiz and live/DJ music.

Mehamn Arctic Pub is in the basement of the hotel and is open on weekends, sometimes with live or DJ music.

Panorama Café & Bakery is the world's northernmost bakery. They serve fresh baked goods to go or eat inside with a panoramic view of the whole town centre.

Mix Johannes Nilsens Handleri serves hot and cold drinks, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and ice cream and has a small dining area.


Gamvik Handel & Café has a small diner with a pleasant local clientele.

Slettnes Lighthouse has a summer café with views toward the Barents Sea.


Dyfjordbua has been a central meeting spot since 1946 and is the oldest building in the settlement.


Bøgeberg landhandel has a café next to the supermarket and is frequented by locals and travelers.


Oace is the prime meeting spot in Laksefjord, where the roads meet. Has a cosy café and restaurant with views of the Ifjord river.


Kunes Handel & Opplevelse has a popular café.


Veidnes Bygdebutikk & Café is a country store café frequented by locals and the occasional traveler.