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An ancient sub-arctic settlement

Throughout history, Gamvik has been a natural gathering place for Norwegian, Sámi and Russian cultures.

About Gamvik

Gamvik is located within the sub-arctic region and thus has no summer season in meteorological terms. It has a tundra landscape. In the center of town, archaeological findings dating from the Stone Age (5000-8000 B.C.) have been discovered.

From the 18th century to the First World War the Pomor trade was of great significance. Fisheries and agriculture have always remained the cornerstone industries, and in 1912 there were as many as 12 fish processing factories in Gamvik.

The remains of a German coastal fortress from the Second World War can be found north of the village. When the Germans vacated the area, Gamvik was subjected to the scorched earth tactic, and burnt three times in the fall of 1944.

Sights near Gamvik

The Slettnes lighthouse and nature reserve lie only a short hike or drive from Gamvik.

Gamvik Museum is member of the Museums for Coastal Heritage and Reconstruction of Finnmark and the National Coastal Administration's network of museums.

The remains of a WWII coastal fortress, on the way to Slettnes, still has bunkers, trenches and turret mounts.