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Mainland Europe's wildest and northernmost point,
overlooking the Barents Sea toward the North Pole.


Reaching extreme latitudes has always been a goal for adventurous people. Kinnarodden (Cape Nordkinn) is one of them.

The landscape is formed by ice, the wind and the sea. The boulders adorn the ground as if carved by masons. Many people want to visit Kinnarodden, but few actually get there.

Reaching Cape Nordkinn

For the ultimate Nordkyn experience, set off on the hiking trail from Mehamn/Sandfjordvannene to Cape Nordkinn.

When you set off on your hike, remember to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back. There is only partial cell phone coverage (GSM) along the way. Good hiking boots and clothing are important. In good conditions, the 23 km (14.3 miles) hike takes 10-12 hours (one-way) and normally requires an overnight stop.

It is also possible to book a boat trip for either leg of the trip, or simply hop on the Hurtigruten coast liner and observe Cape Nordkinn from the ship as it sails between Kjøllefjord and Mehamn.


Arctic Coast AS in Kjøllefjord can assist in booking boat transport to Cape Nordkinn or other destinations. For detailed information abpout hiking trails, visit the Hiking on Nordkyn site.


Peto AS  in Kjøllefjord offer a variety of outdoor equipment and clothing.