Clean air and majestic scenery

Nordkyn on foot

Our region has around 75 hiking trails with all levels of difficulty. Around all the settlements are trails along the seafront or to the highest surrounding peaks. The most popular treks are - for good reasons - the trails to the day cabins at Klubbfjellet by Kjøllefjord, Ytre Staurvika between Mehamn and Gamvik, the Finnkirka trail, Rundhaugen in Mehamn, Bergeneset in Lebesby and Adamsfossen waterfall.

On Perletur, you can find descriptions and map references to all the treks. Most are marked and all follow visible paths through the terrain. Even shorter trips provide a high chance of seeing reindeer along the way, and hiking can certainly be combined with fishing or berry picking.

Be kind to the envronment and other hikers - stay on the path, bring trash back with you, and please note that it's not permitted to build new cairns on the mountaintops.

Hiking overview maps

Hiking maps (PDF) are available for Nordkyn and Laksefjorden.

Hiking safety

It is necessary to be well prepared before you set off, and on longer hikes a map and compass are essential. The climate is harsh and the weather can change rapidly.

It’s important to take warm and weatherproof clothing, sufficient provisions, and a first aid kit. Remember to report where you are going.