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Nordkyn is home to a large number of rare and
migratory birds.

Hundreds of species

Summer is the season to see the rich colours and listen to the songs of indigenous Arctic bird species.

Bird watching spots

Slettnes, a sub-Arctic, flat, windswept and barren tundra, is one of few untouched coastal plains in Finnmark. The area borders the Barents Sea, which has some the world’s richest fish stocks. June and July offer the best close encounters with nesting birds.

There are unique photo opportunities in this landscape, and the area is suitable for visitors of all age groups, regardless of their level of knowledge. The region is home to over 150 different species of birds.

Sværholt is an abandoned trading post on the outermost part of the point between Laksefjord and Porsangerfjord. This site is home to Norway’s third largest bird cliff, Sværholtklubben. It is only accessible by boat from Veidnes or Kjøllefjord.