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Blaze across the snowy tundra on a powerful snowmobile.


Drive through deep valleys and over high mountains to see panoramic views of the spectacular tundra as it slopes toward the mighty Barents Sea. Snowmobile tours are available on Hurtigruten sailings or as standalone safaris and packages. You can also rent a snowmobile and combine the trip with ice fishing or go hunting the Northern Lights.

Tours and equipment

Snowmobile tours can be booked on Hurtigruten sailings - see more on the Arctic Coast website.

Nordic Safari provides snowmobile tours, safaris and expeditions across Nordkyn and the Barents Region.

Snowmobiles in Nordkyn

The snowmobile is an important vehicle for the inhabitants of Nordkyn. It allows people to enjoy the winter countryside, and is a practical tool for transporting equipment to remote cabins.

Two thirds of the local populace are snowmobile owners, and the snowmobile season in Nordkyn runs from December to May.