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Modern culture against a backdrop of
reindeer, shamanism and the healing power of nature.

The Way of Nature

Sami culture is many thousands of years old, and has been influenced by the natural environment in the Barents region. It emphasises spirituality and harmony with nature.

Modern Sami life is similar to that of Norwegians in general, but many of the old crafts are still practiced - such as herbalism, handicraft and reindeer herding.

Sámi trivia

Lavvu: large circular tent with an opening at the top to allow smoke from the open fire to escape. Has a soft floor made from branches and leaves.

Joik: sámi chant. It is common to dedicate a unique chant to every child.

Noaidi: a shaman, versed in the arts of healing and herbalism.

Sámi Excursions

Davvi Siida offers overnight stays in a cabin or lavvu (tent) with traditional sámi cuisine, as well as handicrafts and art.

Arctic Coast delivers sámi excursions in conjunction with Hurtigruten sailings and as custom tours.