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Enjoy world-class fishing for cod, king crab, halibut in the ocean or
trout or char in one of the many lakes and streams.

Lake, River and Ice Fishing

Fish for Arctic char and trout in the lakes, or salmon in the rivers. In winter, ice fishing is a popular and rewarding pastime which can be combined with a snowmobile or skiing trip.

Fishing in the Barents Sea

Nordkyn is home to some of the best ocean fishing spots in the world, and fishing has been the subsistence of the local population for thousands of years. The coast is especially rich in Atlantic codfish, pollock, haddock, flounder, halibut and king crab.

Become a fisherman for a day and learn the trade from professionals, or hire a boat and try your luck on your own. Several tour operators also offer fishing trips for single or multiple days.

Fishing licences

You need a fishing permit for freshwater fishing unless you live in Finnmark. Salmon fishing requires an additional permit.

Pole- and hand-line fishing in the sea is free of charge for all and does not require a permit. Tourists are limited to using fishing poles or hand lines.

Mind the export quota - tourists may bring up to 15 kilos of ocean fish per person out of the country.

Fishing tours

Nordic Safari offers fishing tours in the Barents sea, ice fishing and King Crab fishing - which may be combined with a stay in fisherman's cottages!

Catcher offers deep sea fishing tours and boat/equipment rentals.


Peto AS in Kjøllefjord, offers a range of outdoor clothing and fishing equipment.