Music and events throughout the year

Nordkyn Winter Festival

Held in Kjøllefjord at the beginning of March, Nordkyn Vinterfestival is a week filled with activities for the whole family. Includes shows, ski and skating activities, courses and concerts.


Arranged every June since 2002, the main venue for Chrisfestivalen is Foldalbruket. On the former fish drying floor, you can lean against solid wooden beams or enjoy the music sitting on painted fish crates with barrels for tables. You can also lean on solid beams while listening, or hit the wooden dance floor.

When you also feel the history coming through the walls, you experience a unique atmosphere that's not to be missed. The festival is known for a great mood and an enthusiastic audience.

The festival has become a gathering spot, with people coming back every year and especially if they have moved from Kjøllefjord. 


"The Mehamn Days" is an annual summer festival at the end of July in Mehamn. The program is filled with evening concerts, events for kids during the day, and local food events.

Kulturdugnad Gamvik

At the end of July / beginning of August, Gamvik and Slettnes are filled with locals, artists and tourists engaging in art, music, crafts and debate. Impressive scenery and capricious Arctic weather contribute to a unique atmosphere where the tradtitional and the innovative thrive in harmony. The festival is largely based on volunteer effort and has gained fame also outside Finnmark.


"The world's smallest festival" is held at the end of July / beginning of August in Kunes. This is a weekend filled with contemporary art, seminars, debate and fine music.


Arranged in Veidnes on the last weekend of July, the program includes "the World Cup in Sheep Bell Throwing", a sea fishing competition, a duck run, a quiz and a pub night.