The villages around the mighty Laksefjord


The settlements around the mighty Laksefjord provide beautiful hiking and camping scenery as well as excellent fishing.


The town has a popular road café/diner, which is adjacent to a legendary country store - the Bøgeberg Landhandel, known for an incredible mix of curiosities, foodstuffs, hardware and clothing at fair prices.


Kunes is an ancient settlement at the head of the Laksefjord. Nowadays the village is home to about 60 people. It has a grocery store, chapel, cafeteria and school.

During summer, fishing for salmon in the river Storfjord is a popular activity. It is a great vacation spot for many visitors who arrive around July 20th each year, when the gate to the popular recreation area on Laksefjordvidda opens.


This is the only remaining settlement on the west side of Laksefjord.

Approximately 350 acres of land are cultivated, divided between two farms involved with cattle and sheep farming. There is about 30 people living in Veidnes now, and it is the birthplace of the author Magnar Mikkelsen.

The village is part of a wetland area with shallow beaches and wide marshes.

The Lille Porsanger river and Lake Kjæsvannet are great areas for fishing. The fishing association of Kjæsvannet has boat rental. The area is also excellent for birdwatching in the summer.