Travel information

Despite its remote location, it is fairly easy to travel to Nordkyn - by sea, air or road.

By air

Mehamn Airport

Mehamn Airport is a part of the national short runway network. Tickets and prices are available at the Widerøe website.

Arrivals Mon - Fri 05:35, 14:20 and 23:10
Departures Mon - Fri 05:50, 14:35 and 23:25
Arrivals Sun 14:30 and 23:10
Departures Sun 14:45 and 23:25

No flights on Saturdays.

Via Lakselv

Widerøe, SAS and Norwegian fly between Oslo and Lakselv all week. This route can be combined with bus from/to Nordkyn on Fridays (Monday and Wednesday there is a bus to Lakselv, but not from Lakselv to Nordkyn). It's also possible to rent a car in Lakselv -  see links below.

Alta and Kirkenes also has flights all week by SAS, Widerøe and Norwegian. The trip can be completed by rental car, bus or the Coastal Route (from Kirkenes).

By sea

The Norwegian Coastal Route (Hurtigruten/Havila) arrives in Kjøllefjord at 16:40 and Mehamn at 18:55 (northbound), and respectively at 03:25 and 01:20 southbound. All 11 ships are in full operation but sometimes have scheduled maintenance. Check the sailing plan when planning your trip.

The sailing plan and tickets are available at the websites of Havila and HurtigrutenEntur also provides tickets and sailing information.

Local sea routes

If traveling from Skjånes on LangfjordExpressen to Langfjordnes, Nervei or Laggo you must reserve a ticket before 21:00 on the evening before departure, on the Snelandia website.

By road

The Nordkyn Highway (Fv 888/894) is very scenic with many opportunities to stop and enjoy the ocean and mountain vistas. There are several mountain passes and often lots of reindeer on the way, so mind the weather and traffic forecasts.

Weather forecast - Nordkyn
Traffic forecast (map)

Car rental

There is local car rental available in Mehamn with Nordic Safari and Nissehuset.

There are also car rentals in Lakselv, Kirkenes and Alta:


Charging stations

The charging network for electric cars is well developed, and there are quick charge stations in Kjøllefjord, Mehamn og Ifjord.

See map and more information on the Ishavsveien website.

By bus

To Nordkyn 

Snelandia buses connect Nordkyn to the rest of Finnmark. Routes going east, west and south are available on Mondays and Wednesdays with a change at Ifjord. On Fridays there is a direct route between Lakselv and Nordkyn in both directions, with the possibility of eastbound travel from Ifjord. Note that bus tickets must be pre-booked at least four hours before departure.

Around Nordkyn

Snelandia local bus and minibus "flex" routes connect Kjøllefjord, Mehamn and Skjånes. Tickets must be pre-booked at least 2 hours before departure (21.00 the evening before for early morning routes). 

Routes from Kjøllefjord connect with all arrivals and departures at Mehamn Airport.


Taxi is available in Mehamn by phone: +47 95 55 85 00, see also Facebook.

Taxi in Kjøllefjord – Ferder Taxi is available by phone: +47 33 04 10 01.